Opportunity For All

GigBlender connects talent and opportunity with intent – the intent of helping organizations diversify their teams while focusing their efforts on candidates who have a greater chance of adding value. When job seekers and organizations use GigBlender their professional networks expand, relationships form … and when the time is right, opportunities present themselves and hires happen. We believe that being intentional about closing opportunity gaps can have a lasting and transformational impact on the all jobseekers, each organization, and every community.

The GigBlender Difference

Fit is Key. Because if someone isn’t a good fit for your organization, little else matters.

With GigBlender, organizations get access to a pool of qualified, motivated, well-aligned and diverse talent that matches their open positions and culture – talent that may not be on their radar.

How We Value Diversity: Competiveness vs. Compliance
GigBlender looks at diversity through a wider lens. Our definition includes: thinking styles, language, ethnicity, cultural perspectives, experiences, nationality, job level, race, skills, gender, physical abilities, veteran status and age.

Intentional vs. Coincidental
For too long, organizations could only post a job and hope an applicant would be a good fit; and jobseekers could only post a resume and hope for a match with a job posting.

With GigBlender, individuals see jobs that better reflect their passions, skills and preferences than when using traditional job search websites. GigBlender acts like dating app that "gets" you, and what you’re looking for. After all, most of us spend as much time with our work colleagues as we do with anyone else in our lives – which requires that we truly build relationships. Our unique profile-building process helps jobseekers and employers identify what is really important.

GigBlender partners with employers to create Opportunity Profiles that don’t just compare job descriptions and resumes. We focus on fit based on preferences, skill sets, passions, experience – and even work style – to help them find talent that fits their organization and culture. We also incorporate job listings from traditional job search websites, making GigBlender a one-stop shop for jobseekers.

GigBlender’s algorithm creates an index based on profile information to determine the strength of the fit between the talent and the opportunity. We call it the GigBlender Fit Index™.

Efficiency vs. Exhaustion

There’s a difference between an opportunity and a job posting. And there’s a difference between well-qualified candidates and applicants. Rather than sifting through tons of traditional job postings, individuals can focus their time on opportunities that better reflect their passions, interests, skills and preferences. Organizations can focus their resources on candidate pools that are more likely to add the desired value to the team.

On Your Timeline vs. Someone Else’s

Individuals who prefer to remain invisible can still see opportunities, but not be seen … until they want to be. GigBlender will still uncover jobs that may be a good fit for them but, rather than being contacted by any organization, they can express interest when the time is right for them.

GigBlender talent can and does come from anywhere. In addition to individuals who independently create profiles, GigBlender’s talent pool is bolstered by our Talent Pipeline Partners, who continuously source the best and brightest from professional organizations, colleges and universities, and community-based workforce development organizations.

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